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Gharbazar's Services provides different kind of services for the buyers and sellers of properties in Nepal. If you are a seller, you choose among the following type of services which is best fit for you to sell your property.

Featured Listing

In featured listing, the property will be listed in the home page of the website until 1 month and will be in the normal listing until the property is sold. Also, social media marketing such as facebook promotion is done. Gharbazar officers will visit your property and take nice pictures of the property, carefully edit the images and beautifully present the property in the website. This service is not free. Please contact us for pricing and other details.

Expert Service
In expert service, it will have all features of Featured listing. Also, our experts will be sharing real estate knowledge with you and guide you along the selling process. Our experts will handle the communication with the potential buyers. Service fee will be applicable depending upon the property. For more details, please contact us.

Normal Listing

If you have good information and nice pictures of your property, you can use normal listing. It is absolutely free. In normal listing, the buyers will search your property and find your property and contact you for more details. Your property will be available only after the search or comes after the featured listing. You can just sign up and submit your property.

Classified listing is free of charge. If you want to sell your properties using fewer words and you don’t have good pictures of your property, you can use this feature.

If you are confused to choose service, you can simply contact us. Our team will help you select the suitable service for you depending upon the nature of your property and your immediate need.

Buyers can contact us to get advice and find the right properties for them in Nepal in a reasonable price. We can advice you on the current scenario in the real estate market in Nepal. If you are planning to take home loans, you can check home loan interest rate which is provided from different commercial banks in Nepal. You can also use EMI Calculator  to check EMI for your home loan.

Further, it is useful for buyers/sellers to know about the things that should be taken into consideration before making property deal in Nepal. It will be equally helpful for you to check the current news to find what is happening in real estate market in Nepal. We have all real estate related news in one place.