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Gharjagga is a very common word for real estate in Nepal. Ghar means house and jagga means Land in Nepal. If you are trying to find properties in Nepal, you will find these word very widely used all over Nepal. Real Estate transaction is know as Gharjagga kharid bikri in Nepal. 

Further, you need to know few other things if you are going to buy property in Nepal. Ghardhani is house owner and Jaggadhani is land owner in Nepali language. You need to go to Malpot Karyala in order to purchase property (gharjagga) in Nepal. Malpot karyalaya is the government office where property is transferred from one person to another.

Now, if you are trying to find some properties(gharjagga) or trying to sell properties (gharjagga) in Nepal, you have come to right place;

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